St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy, George Ave, Birkby, Huddersfield, HD2 2BJ

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St Patrick's Catholic Primary Academy

We are proud to work with all the Catholic schools across our two local authority areas, particularly as the Trust grows and benefits from the expertise and knowledge that other schools joining in the future will bring.

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Our Academy Council

St Patrick's was federated with Our Lady of Lourdes, Huddersfield, for a number of years and kept this strong working partnership when both schools joined the Academy Trust in 2021.  Our schools now share an Academy Council, just as we did when we were a federation, and this helps us to continue to support each other.

Foundation Governors





Mrs C McGowan (Chair)

Dr D Barnwell 

Ms E Deighton

Father Martin Kelly

Father Sean Elliott

Dr A Johnson


Mrs H Khangura

Vacancy for OLL


Mrs R Holmes

Mrs K Gait


Mrs A Sahota


Register of Business Interest 

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Apply To Be A School Governor

A few hours a month could change their life and yours

We all know that a good education can change a child's life forever. It's something that every child deserves.

But despite doing their best, schools face serious challenges to providing this in Kirklees.  Governors provide much needed strategic support to schools, helping them to respond to challenges and plan for the future.

Governors make an essential difference

Drawing on their diverse life and career experience, governors help make schools more resilient and responsive to children's needs.

Governors make a valuable and appreciated contribution to their community, and the change that governors can help create makes it a particularly worthwhile volunteering opportunity for people looking to make a difference where they're really needed.

It goes without saying that being a governor is good for you as well. Governors can learn new skills, or use skills learned from their career or life in a new context, helping children and young people.

All sorts of people make great governors - whilst specific skills are appreciated, the only requirement is commitment to helping a school.

Think about it - could it be you?

We recognise that the decision to become a governor is a commitment and will take some consideration for most people. If you're considering giving some of your time to help transform a Kirklees school, please provide your contact information using the form below.

If you want to learn more about the specifics of the Governor role and responsibilities, visit our page How to Become a Governor on Kirklees Business Solutions.